L’informatore coming form 35 years of publications, is the answer to those who works as function of staff, administration, employment consultants, directors of personnel. L’Informatore INAZ is bi-weekly magazine that provides in-depht and professional training in the field of Labour, Taxation, Management and personnel administration. Published by “INAZ Unipersonale Soc Ltd” with the support of LAROCCAWEB Ltd., who takes care of every issue of the magazine, Daniel La Rocca is the coordinator. Each issue contains articles that deal with topical issues, making the point on revenue, labor, social security, law and management. The competence of the staff of the “Centro Studi INAZ Unipersonale Soc Ltd”, which are present in each issue with their contributions, provides a simple and effective upgrade. Do you want to know what’s coming in the next issue? Click here