Our company also works on communication, we deal with electronic publishing and we provide traditional and web services.

A strong role in electronic publishing is the production of multimedia training courses, audio (podcast) and lecture notes, which are used as supporting material for training courses organized by the Centro Studi Inaz.   If you want to listen to the podcasts made by LAROCCAWEB srl for the “Centro Studi Inaz” click here Our company worked also in terms of editorial and publishing, we released for Inaz the biweekly “L’informatore” and the weekly “L’osservatorio”, two windows on the world of work,on the tax laws and on personeel administration. these two publications provide a continuous update on new legislation, as a valuable tool for individuals,and for businesses and public bodies.

Currently LAROCCAWEB produces a weekly Newsletter, which with a clear and direct language, enables its clients being constantly informed on the frequent changes in employment legislation, both fiscal and social.

If you want to read our newsletter click here We also offer all graphic design services for our clients, such as the production of catalogs, brochures and leaflets, which are necessary to better present your products and your company’s business, giving your customers the opportunity to learn more about your work .